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People are created with different muscle types, cardiovascular capacity, immune system, and joint density. Genetic Trainer® system is created to ensure the maximum performance from the body with exercise & nutrition methods suitable for an individual's genetic profile. Genetic Trainer's copyrighted methodology and its own unique literature have been open

a new age in the sports world. 


''Shape with genetic science''


Burning fat or gaining muscle, whatever your goal is, the Genetic Training system gives you the best way, which based on DNA analysis of your muscles, skeletal, cardiovascular, and immune systems to optimize your fitness goals to be more scientific, and more natural. You can reach your goals faster, natural, and scientific ways of the Genetic Training system.

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Champions are born, not made!

Genetic Trainer® system can predict which sports branches will a human achieve success at the Olympic or professional level, and which distance, category, or position they will be able to achieve from the moment of human birth by Genetic Passport® method! 



The future is now.!!

Genetic Trainer® is initiating a scientific debate in education and behavioral sciences with the ''Genetic IQ'' test, based on molecular DNA analysis of 52 gene regions.

​Correlations between differences in individuals’ DNA IQ scores could lead to genetic testing of intelligence, and even suitability for a university or a job career.

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''What about my health?''


Genetic Trainer® introducing the world's

most advanced DNA test.


Genetic Check-Up based on molecular DNA analysis of 150 gene regions. Genetic Passport determines the risks of nearly 40 genetic diseases, ranging from cancer to Alzheimer's, sports performance to obesity, and diabetes.


"More Than a Personal Trainer"

● Genetic Trainer is a specialist trainer who can predict which sports branches will an athlete achieve success at the Olympic or professional level.

● Genetic Trainers can regulate the most appropriate training techniques and nutrition programs to maximum performance for amateur or professional athletes of all levels.


● By identifying genetic risks, they can reduce risks to the minimum and even get rid of them!




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