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There are some physiological characteristics that affect sportive performance.

The muscle fiber type and cardiovascular capacity is a very important scientific data source about which sports branch the person is more suitable for and which sports branches can achieve Olympic or professional success. Genetic Trainer® system can determine the sports branches that you and your child are most suitable for based on these scientific data.

● ACTN-3 (R-577X)
● ACE (I/D)


● The most appropriate sports branches to achieve success at the Olympic or professional level, which are most suitable for the genetic makeup.

● Sports branches that are not suitable for genetic structure (that may cause health problems). Determining the appropriate category or location for the genetic structure.

● Training methods best suited to genetic structure in order to reach maximum performance.

● In order to achieve maximum performance, the most appropriate calorie amounts according to the genetic structure and the protein, carbohydrate, and fat ratios that must be taken according to the genetic structure and sports branch are calculated and sports nutrition programs.

● Determining training characteristics (volume, duration, intensity, frequency, etc.) according to genetic structure in order to increase the sportive performance to the maximum level and to eliminate injuries.