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    Champions are born,                ''not made''

Genetic Trainer® system can predict which sports branches will an athlete achieve success at the Olympic or professional level, and which distance, category, or position they will be able to achieve from the moment of human birth with DNA analyzing method! Genetic Trainer® can regulate the most appropriate training techniques and nutrition programs to maximum performance for amateur or professional athletes of all levels. By identifying genetic risks, they can reduce risks to the minimum and even get rid of them!

Genetic Trainer® System spread from Europe to America and being implemented in more than 30 sports branches in more than 25 countries and new countries are added to this list every day.

Genetic Trainer® System is recognized by the experts as a milestone in the transition from classical sports science which to modern sports science.


Genetic Trainer® System is protected worldwide by copyrights and trademark laws!
Genetic Trainer® courses can only be organized by Genetic Trainer Academy®! 

Genetic Trainer® / GT. Academy® / GT. Studio® are trademarks of Genetic Trainer Inc.

In the U.S. and/or other countries!

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