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The study, titled "Global Health Burden of Obesity" in 195 countries, showed that 4 million people lost their lives in obesity-related causes by 2015. . !!!

Obesity, defined as a disease of the ages, is a genetic-based chronic disease that is triggered by environmental effects that occur in the body through excessive fat gain (weight gain). Obesity is one of the most important health problems of developed countries especially in the world. According to the World Health Organization, 1.9 billion people are overweight and 600 million are obese in the world.

Genetic Trainer® has developed a preventative medicine system that will detect risks of many genetic-based diseases threatening human health with the "Obesity-Diabetes & Diet" gene panel based on the molocular DNA analysis of the newly developed 38 gene regions. Genetic Trainers can detect all the risks inherent in people born and obese like Type 1 - Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular system risks, food intolerances, sugar metabolism and vitamin metabolisms! Thus, with simple and natural methods such as best suited excercise / nutritional supplementation and re-arrangement of other environmental conditions, their risks can be minimized and even eliminated altogether!

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