Board of Directors

Altan Öztepe

Founder / CEO

Altan is the creator and CEO Of Genetic Trainer® System. He is also creater of Genetic Passport® 

Ercan Metin

Operation & Finance Manager

Ercan is directing more than 750 Genetic Trainers and helps management make financial desicion. 

Serkan Doğan

Research & Education Manager

Serkan is a biologist. He is resposible from scientific reseaches and educations of Genetic Trainers®'

Osman Fatih Aydoğdu

Director of Europe

Osman is a Dr. of Osteopathy. He is also a football expert. He has started European education programs of Genetic Trainer.

Muzaffer Demirtaş

Director of America

Muzaffer is a former record holder swimmer. He is a sports scientist educated in Turkey and in the U.S.A

Brijpal Singh Sandhu

Director of ASIA

Brijpal is Fitness and nutrition expert. He has got a big role on estalishment of Genetic Trainer Asia. 

Waleed Messaoudi

Director of Arabic Counries

Waleed is a Tunisian sports scientist. Former Strenght & Conditioning coach of Paris Saint-Germain FC. Waleed is a Master Genetic Trainer and living in Bahrein for business. 

Fuat Azrakennadar

Director of Africa

Fuat is from Morocco and coach of Wac De Casablanca FC. Fuat is an Expert Genetic Trainer. He become Director of Africa on 01.01.2020. Genetic Trainer Africa is located in Morocco.

Sebastien Lambert

Director of Benelux

Sebastien is physiotherapist at Standart Liege F.C. Belgium. He is also one of the first Expert Genetic Trainer of Europe.

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