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Genetic Passport® makes DNA analysis from the beginning of human beings and records the genetic map on a unique Genetic Passport®. So that every time you are in your life it is possible to choose the appropriate sports branch, exercise and healthy eating. Also housands of genetic based diseasesrisks from cancer to diabetics can be identified and the risks can be aliminate. Genetic Passport® project developed with the aim of being more athletic, healthier and longer human life. In 2017 an European and multinational "DNA" technology developer and an advanced genetic research laboratory have join the project and supported the project by transfering know-how and technology they have developed. Genetic Passport® is becoming the worlds largest preventive medicine project by the more technology companies participation in the project from all around the world.

Genetic Trainer® is a specialist trainer who can predict which sports branches will an athlete achieve success at the Olympic or professional level, and which distance, category or position they will be able to achieve from the moment of human birth with the Genetic Passport® method! Genetictrainer® can regulate the most appropriate training techniques and nutrition programs to maximum performance for amateur or professional athletes of all levels. By identifying genetic injury risks, they can reduce risks to the minimum and even get rid of them! Today, Genetictrainer® System has become an international system that has been applied in more than 30 sports branches and in more than 25 countries. 

Genetic Trainer Studio; We shape you with science.!!

For the first time in the world, exercise and nutrition are genuinely personalized.! At aGT. Studios you will first receive your Genetic Passport®. As a result of molecular DNA analysis performed in Genetic Passport® laboratories, we then map out your muscle fibre type, cardiovascular capacity, injury risks, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, nutritional intolerances, etc. After determining your genetic characteristics, Genetic Trainer's unique training & nutrition metadology will organize the most appropriate training and nutrition programs for you. 
You can only access this technology and service at a GT. Studio.

Investing in genetic science and its services brings big opportunities for today and for the future. We are looking forward to making partnerships in the following fields.


  • DNA Technology provider companies

  • Genetic research & development comp.

  • Genetic labs

  • Medical companies


  • Universities 

  • Sports scientists

  • Professional sports teams

  • Premier leaugue teams


  • ​Financial & Professional service providers.

  • Design & Engineering comp.

  • Marketing & Communications comp.

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