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Dear coaches, athletes, and everyone who wants to reach their goals through scientific and natural methods.


Genetic Trainer® system addresses every person who wants to achieve athletic success in a natural, healthy, and scientific way, and who wants a better understanding of personal health risks. For this reason, Genetic Trainer®'s genetic test panels for every level and every purpose are the perfect choice for the most suitable sports branches, categories, training characteristics, and valuable information about nutrition in terms of different physiological conditions. With the Genetic Trainer® system, you can choose the right sport to improve your athletic performance and learn the genetic features you need to plan your training and nutrition programs to your genetic structure. The purpose of the Genetic Trainer® system is to turn the genetic data into clear answers and thus help people make informed decisions based on their genetic characteristics and risks.


Genetic Trainer®'s registered system provides very clear and detailed scientific support in explaining the results of your DNA analysis in terms of sporting performance and in providing customized solutions for modeling athletic performance. Maybe for these reasons, Genetic Trainer® spread from Europe to America and is being implemented in more than 30 sports branches in more than 25 countries. New countries are added to this list every day and for the first time in history exercise and nutrition are genuinely personalized.

​Genetic Trainer® system is considered by experts as a milestone in the transition from classical sports sciences based on trial and error methods to modern sports sciences.


Thanks for choosing the scientific way, and thanks for trying

Genetic Trainer® system.


Kind regards,

Altan Öztepe

Founder & CEO

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